Lists Every Catholic Should Know, Part 1, Print Edition

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This lovely, 8 page set of lists every Catholic should be familiar with combines important Catholic memory items in child-friendly font, with illuminations restored from an English Book of Hours from the 1400s. These images may contain minor imperfections, due to the fact that they come from a very old manuscript that was faded, stained, torn, and generally quite difficult to restore to usable condition.

The lists contained in this printed booklet are:
• The 12 Apostles
• The Spiritual Works of Mercy
• The Corporal Works of Mercy
• The 7 Sacraments
• The Theological and Cardinal Virtues
• The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
• The 6 Precepts of the Church
• The 2 Greatest Commandments

Pages are printed on 8.5"x11" cardstock and placed in a water resistant menu cover. This item will be shipped to you, with the pages filled and ready to for your use. I will also email you the digital file for the menu if you enter your email address at checkout. This way you can print additional copies as needed - for your personal use only.

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